Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday August 31, 2011

Welcome to the August 31st edition of
Would You Ever Guess Wednesday....

Have "You Ever" wondered what this day is all about?

My Design team has wondered the SAME thing!

Wednesdays around here are when we make something different and when you see it, you would say, I would never have thought of that.... Here are a few ways we like to do that....

1. We make a creation using only the feature keys, you know those little buttons on the top left of the keypad overlay, there are 6 of them up there, sometime they say PHRASE, CARD, TAG, FONT....etc So instead of using the main image, we use the features....
2. We make a paper creation using a Cricut Cake cartridge..... Yes the Cake cartridges work on ALL Cricut machines. Or we make an edible item using a Classic Cricut Cartridge.
3.  Two of us use the same cartridge, the same page and the same feature, and we cut them as the same size, BUT we have no idea what paper colors or anything that the other person is using.... see last week's post to see a sample of this. This is sort of like a challenge amongst design team members.

I hope this helps you to understand what we try to do on Would You Ever Guess Wednesday!
Now on to what My AMAZING and TALENTED Design Team has made for today.....
Sue-Ann used Forever Young.... and here is her blog to see how she made it!
Shelly Lynn made this great card, great theme for everyone going BACK TO SCHOOL!
Don't forget to stop by her blog to see how she did it!
Lucinda used Hannah Montana (bird) and Create A Critter (phrase) 
Samantha used Nate's ABC's to make this book page.


What does that mean to you?
It means that EACH week from now until Christmas I am giving away a Cricut cartridge!!
How can you be entered to win it?
Each week starts on Friday and ends on Thursday at 11:59pm EST.
Today I will announce the winner from the past week, but the comments that are received today through next Thursday night will be the entries for the cartridge for next week....
Can you win more than once?
Yes you can.... It is picked at random, so if you get picked 2 or more times 
over the next few months that is ok!
I will have different cartridges each week, so you never know which one is going to be given that week until I announce the winner  :) Make sure to enter because you might not have commented that week and it could be a cartridge that you really want.... with the name of the winner the name
of the cartridge will be given.
17 weeks left. which means 17 MORE cartridges to giveaway!
ONE comment PER POST, so If I have 2 posts on one day, comment on each of them to get an entry.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Card Creating Tuesday August 30, 2011

Welcome to Card Creating Tuesday.....
All this week I will be adding a tutorial on using Cricut CraftRoom each evening....
Last night I did a Ustream about Cricut craft Room and my mom is typing it up, then I will add the pictures to it.... in the ned we will have a nice collection of How-tos to help you.
I know some people dont use videos and some people like to print their stuff and have it next to them as they work.
Here are the links to two VERY helpful Ustreams about Cricut CraftRoom. (CCR)

This is the first one and is a great introduction to the CraftRoom, VERY VERY helpful, especially if you dont know where to start...
Here is the one from last night.... it is helpful to watch the first one, first.
I am going to do a series of these..... if you watch them in order you will know what I am talking about.

Now on to the cards that My Design Team has made to share.

Laura used Elegant Edges and her blog is
Madison used Kate's ABC's and Winnie the Pooh Font Her blog is,
Holly used Elegant Edges to make this card. She used a ghost stamp from Michaels for $1 and the sentiment is from a set of stamps from the Craft Lounge called Snowy sayings. Don't forget to check out her blog.
Samantha used Create a Critter to make this card. Her blog is

Melissa made this to share, visit her blog


Have a great day!
Later I will post another CCR tutorial

Monday, August 29, 2011

My IMAGINE-ation Monday August 29, 2011

Each day this week I will be showing you a new tip or trick to use Cricut's CraftRoom Software...
feel free to ask questions in your comments....

Today is My IMAGINE-ation Monday.....
If you are a new follower you might be wondering what that is....
Well you do NOT need to have a Cricut Imagine to do some of our projects....
On Mondays myself and the design team use one of a few things... we either use papers that have been printed on the Cricut Imagine, OR we might use an Imagine ART cartridge and cut shapes from those cartridges, using regular printed paper that we have bought at the store.... Remember you do not have to print to cut with the Imagine.... I use my Imagine to make everything... I will put a regular cartridge (say Mickey and Friends)  in and load my printed paper and choose CUT ONLY....
Over the next few weeks I will be writing an 'editorial' per say on Mondays. I will show you some great things about the Imagine.
Over the weekend I know MANY people gained access to Cricut CraftRoom (CCR)
Today I want to talk about a GREAT feature of CCR.
I can insert a pattern into ANY shape from any cartridge. I can then decide what size I want the pattern to fill at. Here are a few pictures....

So I opened up this image from Baby Boutique.....
These were the patterns that it came in, I went to the image itself and click on it, then at the bottom of the box, it gave the option to edit group, then on the top right of this image you can see combine, separate. I click separate.... then i pick eah image on its own to fill.... Don't forget to pick the Imagine machine.... on the left go to options, then machine and you can pick IMAGINE, or whatever machine you are using.
Even if you do not have the Imagine, I recommend designing in 'IMAGINE mode' so you can see what the colors will look like together.

You can see here i filled the image on the right with a different pattern.

Then I put  different pattern in the image on the left...

Here is what it looked like after I clicked Combine on the top right... You can see there is a grey box that has two choices, WELD,     DO NOT WELD  It automatically wants to try to weld.... sometimes if you do not push the button DO NOT WELD, it will apply that pattern to both images.... It will not do this is you take part an Imagine image. but if you were to do this on the non-Imagine cartridges, and they touch it wants to automatically weld the images and what ever color or pattern is on them. You may have to click :Do not weld" and move them away from each other and then fill them with the pattern or color that you do want... Then after you click DO NOT WELD you  can then let them touch and they will keep their own patterns.

I then separated them again and decided that I wanted the pattern larger, Under the colors and patterns tab on the left choose colors and patterns. You will then see two boxes with an arrow in between them. If you click the box on the right it will make the pattern larger as shown below. If you want to make it smaller click the image on the left to make it smaller. You can also use the arrows right next to those boxes to move the pattern where you want.... For example if there is a word in a pattern i can move the pattern left or right to get the word where I want it...

Then I made the pattern larger on the left using the same process.

I then clicked combine and put my image back together. You do NOT have to put them back together you can leave them as two images and print and cut separately.

I hope you learned something new today. Here is what the Design team has made to share today.

Jenny R made this card with her Imagine and Nursery Tails.... Visit her blog to see how she did it.

Melissa made this with Best Friends and Her Imagine machine!

Dont forget I am having our Countdown to Christmas where I am giving away a cartridge a week from now until Christmas. The only way to win is to comment here in my blog. I will choose a winner at random from all of the comments that week.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Card Creating Sunday August 28, 2011

Welcome to Card Creating Sunday....
Today I am thinking about all of those who have been effected by Hurricane Irene....
I know there are many still without power today, some have lost their homes, valuable items, priceless items. I could not imagine having the special things in my life washed away by such a terrible force of nature.
Mother nature is such a crazy thing. It can provide the most beautiful rainbows at the end of a storm....
Today is not a day to count your losses, but try the harder thing to do and count your blessings. If you woke up today, it is a day to be thankful. I have a few health issues that effect me EVERYDAY. But I wake up and don't feel well. The first two things i think about are that there are others who wake up feeling worse than me everyday, and I feel so bad for them. I couldn't imagine waking up and feeling worse than I do, but I know so many do. The other thing that I think about is that I feel like this everyday in hopes that my daughter may never feel this way. I would even accept worse health if I knew it would keep her healthy everyday of her life. I would have to say the person that I think of when I look at my daughter and how healthy she is.... is my brother. He has MS and one son who has had 6+ surgeries with pins, screws, plates and everything in his hips do to a congenital birth condition, that son is 6 weeks younger than my daughter. His other son who isn't even two yet, just had a liver transplant a few months ago. The poor baby is in and out of the hospital almost every few weeks. My brother is an executive chef at a very old Country Club and is so busy and works non-stop. He loves his job but it takes it toll on him. His fiance (Melissa, who is on my DesignTeam) cannot get a job because the baby cannot be at daycare for risk of infection..... etc. So she is at home and has to not work but really carry the emotional load of her family. She also has a 8 year old daughter who has to live with her mom back and forth at the hospital for weeks or MONTHS at a time. I couldn't imagine being that little girl.  So when I wake up I think how he must feel waking up everyday with the pain of MS then to wake up and think of his kids.... I couldn't even imagine. So when I wake up and hurt, the first thing I think of is how blessed I am to wake up and have a healthy child.

     So try to find YOUR rainbow today. Maybe some of these cards that the design team has made can help you do that !

Sharon made 4 cards! Aren't they adorable?
To see how she made them please visit her blog

Tammy S used Doodlecharms to make this great back to school themed card. Her blog is 

Tracy used Boys Will Be Boys and Calligraphy cartridges to make this adorable matching set! Her blog is    

Melissa  (My sister-in-Law) used the Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art Cartridge to make this. Here is her blog and she usually has updates on my nephew.

Autumn used Create a Critter Cartridge to make this. She sent me a text message asking what she should put on the green parts on the top and bottom, I didn't see the message until to late, I LOVE what she decided to put there, sorry that I didn't get back to you, I love your choice though!  I also love the polka dot paper!
Here is her blog http://autumnsbuggycreations.blogspot .com

Tomorrow is My IMAGINE-ation Monday
There are many great things going on around here,
so you might see a few changes....
but only for the better :)
Don't forget comment everyday on my blog to be entered in my
Countdown to Christmas weekly Cricut Cartridge Giveaway!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Becky's Birthday Blog Hop! Saturday August 27, 2011

Becky's Birthday Blog Hop

If you have come here for
My Cricut Craft Room's Scrapbook Saturday,
please scroll down a bit .....

You should have come from Rachel's Blog,
if not please start at Becky's Blog

I have made this cute little card to share with you all.
I used my new Something to Celebrate Cricut Cartridge and
DCWV The Celebration Stack papers for this and my signature a little *sparkle*
Oh and Market Street stamps for the sunburst background which I embossed with Gold Glitter embossing powder....

Here is the entire lineup if you got lost....

To be entered for this Blog Candy which is the Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art,
please start at Becky's blog and comment on them all through the hop to be entered to win it!
I am the sponsor of the giveaway, so I hope you all go to all of the blogs and see what the others have made to share....
You have to go to all of the blogs.... you cant jsut comment here to win it :)
The ladies in the group have put so much time and effort into these projects and should be rewarded!
I am so happy to be a part of Becky's Blog Hop.... I will be sending her a Special Birthday Present with my card for her! I just turned 30 myself, she is a little older than I am, only by a few months!

Also scroll down to see about my Countdown to Christmas to win a Cricut Cartridge EACH week!

Scrapbooking Saturday August 27, 2011

Welcome to Scrapbooking Saturday, so much going on around here!

I got my days confused.... so today you will see my card and tomorrow you will see my Scrapbook layout....
There is also a blog hop and an extra chance to be entered for My Countdown to Christmas, which is a Cricut Cartridge giveaway each week

On to what the lovely and very talented Design Team Ladies have made to share with you/.....

Gayle used a ton of Cricut Cartridges to make this!
Just a Note, Locker Talk, Playtime, Create a Critter, Paper Dolls for Everyday, My Community
Don't forget to stop by her blog to see how she made this!

Rosa used Create a Critter cartridge to make this adorable Monkey Layout!
Make sure to stop by her blog to see how she made this!

Tanya from Nonna's Craft Corner used Pack Your Bags, Alphalicious, and Life is a Beach Cricut cartridges to make this ! Stop by her blog to see this and all of the other things that she makes

Melissa   used Alphalicious and Sugar and Spice cartridges to make this!
Stop by her blog to see HOW she did it!


Tomorrow is Card Creating, I hope you will stop by!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Festive Friday August 26, 2011

Today is Festive Friday! Today begins my

What does that mean to you?
It means that EACH week from now until Christmas I am giving away a Cricut cartridge!!
How can you be entered to win it?
Well all you have to do is comment on my blog... the winner each week will be picked at random from all of the comments from the past 7 days.... ONE comment each day will count as an entry, to maximize your chances to win, you can have 7 entries by commenting EACH day of the week.
Each week starts on Friday and ends on Thursday at 11:59pm EST.
Today I will announce the winner from the past week, but the comments that are received today through next Thursday night will be the entries for the cartridge for next week....
Can you win more than once?
Yes you can.... It is picked at random, so if you get picked 2 or more times over the next few months that is ok!
I will have different cartridges each week, so you never know which one is going to be given that week until I announce the winner  :) Make sure to enter because you might not have commented that week and it could be a cartridge that you really want.... with the name of the winner the name of the cartridge will be given.
17 weeks left. which means 17 MORE cartridges to giveaway!

Today's COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS winner of the Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art Cartridge (do remember the Cake cartridges work in ALL cricut machines, use them with paper and make great original creations) This was picked from ALL of the comments from Last Friday to last night! is.....  
Josie0602 said...
I love the cards and really love how you made the butterfly change into a work of art! I love to pop up my layers too and it adds so much to a card. Looking forward to the Ustream!

Last weekend's Card and Invitation Blog Hop winner of the Chic and Scary, Simply Scarecrow cartridges AND the Plushie is........
Sam Pirkle said...

What a cute card. I love monkeys !!!

Here are some of the past few week's winners in case you missed them announced on facebook.
The K. Andrew Splashtastic Stamp set, won by
Audrey (ScrappieEMT)

August 14th Cricut Everyday Cartridge for the Project Sunshine and Smiles entry on facebook-
That was Linda Harris....

August 21th Cricut Everyday Cartridge for the Project Sunshine and Smiles entry on facebook-
That was Yvette Lopez

August 28th Cricut Circle FRENCH MANOR cartridge for the project Sunshine and Smiles entries on Facebook.... Could be you... see below for how to participate in Project Sunshine and Smiles....

September 4th- Cricut Everyday Circle Cartridge winner to be determined, see below how to enter & win.

Later in September is when I will be delivering (hopefully 5,000 cards) to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Mephis, Tn!

Here is what my Design team made to share with all of you today...

Jen Roseman(Scrapper Jen) and stop by her blog to see how she made this

Yvette used Hello Kitty Greetings, Accent Essentials and Imagine Mr. Frosty for this
Karey used - Simply Charmed, Paper Doll Dress Up, Holiday Cakes, Bump In The Night
Melissa used doodlecharm and celebrate with flourish

Lucinda used Paper Doll Dress Up, Old West, and George and Basic Shapes for her elf sign.
Tomorrow is Scrapbook Saturday and a Special Birthday Blog hop.... I am doing a giveaway for that too :) So bonus chances to win this weekend!
Next weekend is our BIG 100 cartridge blog hop where we show you over 100 DIFFERENT Cricut Cartridges, No there are not 100 blogs in it, sometimes we make one card with 5 different cartridges....
But if you are a Cricut Fan this is not one to miss!
All you have to do for a blog hop is come by and look at what i made, then click to the next blog to see what they made,t hen they will give you the link to click on to go to the next blog.... and so on.... you don't have to make anything, just stop by and look :)
ALSO Don't forget these are the last 2 weeks to make cards for the kids at St. Jude's Children's Hospital, hopefully the following will help answer some questions....
To be entered to win the cartridges, please make a card and post it to my facebook page (Cricut Craft Room) Everyday card is ONE entry for that week's cartridge... if you make 4 copies of one style of a card and 5 copies of another,
that is 9 entries for that week's cartridge...

Cards for Project Sunshine and Smiles at St. Jude's. The ONLY rule is please don't remind the child how sick they are, get well soon is ok to write. Please write a message to a child.... I can't hand write 5,000 cards, so if you could help me....write a small note to the child who is receiving it. Envelopes are not needed, they kids will get to pick their own so it would be nice for them to see them (if you want to put it in an envelope that is ok too) The card can be any size, for any age, boy or girl. They can be for infants, toddlers, school age children, teenagers! They all deserve a BIG smile, at least we can bring it to them for one day! If you would like to make a card for a birthday (obviously I will not know who's birthday it is, but I can leave them with the nurses or Volunteers to extend our little project and smiles into the rest of the year. As far as how to make these cards.... There are really no rules.... anything you want!
It does NOT have to be made
with the Cricut.
My daughter and I have made some cards using just stickers.  If you have a child who would like to make a card.... that's great too.
Please mail these by the first week of September. Have a party or social gathering to make cards! What a great idea! I cannot wait to take these to the hospital. I am in Ohio, but I will be making the trip down to Memphis, TN to deliver them. If you have any questions please email me with the subject SUNSHINE AND SMILES. Thank you in advance for helping these children who are in such need of a happy card.

Please mail them to:
Erica's Craft Room
4364 Laburnum Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319 and put Sunshine and Smiles as the subject of the email.
     Here are a few more details about the project. You can make any type of card, using and crafting technique that you know, please write a simple message in the card to a child. Please do not remind the child of their illness, most are fighting childhood cancer. You may say get well soon, but DONT say, "I know how you feel and it is not fun...." please DONT say anything like that. But you can say "Get Well Soon" "I hope this puts a smile on your face".... you get the idea.... you don't need to ask if something is ok to write in it, as long as you do not remind the child of their illness, it is ok.
Frequently asked questions....

Can a child make a card for them?
Does it have to be a certain size?
Any size!
Do I have to add envelope?
Nope, I am going to have these in a large (Clean) red wagon for the kids to pick their own card
Can I put them in envelopes?
Do I have to use the Cricut to make these??
No, this is the ONLY project that you do not HAVE to use the cricut, but wouldn't it be great if you did :)
Can I make a birthday card?
Sure but I will leave those with the volunteers for the future to give to kids who are there for their birthday
Do I need to have a kids cartridge to do this?
No, you can use anything and make anything, even a card full of flowers. I am sure there will be one child who will love flowers, or bear, cars.... the sky is the limit!

      I do hope i have answered all of your questions if not, please email me and I will send it back to you and add it to the post here so others will see the question and answer.

In the meantime I am doing a contest for this....
Each week post your cards on my facebook Cricut Craft Room
Each week i will put all of the name in a bowl and pick a winner. Every card that you submit get you ONE entry into the bowl...
Each week out of those who posted cards, I will pick one and give away the Cricut Circle Exclusive cartridge Cricut Everyday, the only with all of the cute Cricut Images on it! I love this one!
I have 4 of these cartridges to give away, one each week.
At the end of the 4 weeks, who ever submitted the MOST carts will win the NEW Cricut cartridge Simply Scarecrow. If you have already mailed cards to me, they will be added to the total of cards you are submitting. I do not have to have these cards in my hand this week. BUT you have to post the picture on my facebook for it to count. If you have a card decorating party with your friends or social group.... You can count all of those cards from you , as long as your friends will let you :)

BLOG HOPS you may sign up for
Blog Hop calendar for 2011 ANYONE can sign up for ANY bog hop.
(Except for December 10-11, the Design team and I are making great things to share with you)
All other blog hops are open to ANYONE!

For ALL of the blog hops these should be BRAND NEW projects, not posted anywhere else or entered into a contest before. This must be new and created specifically for this event. Please do not let anyone see this before the event, it ruins the fun of the blog hop! I will also have a graphic for each blog hop for you to post :)
The first weekend of every month is the
100+ Cricut Cartridge blog hop.   

 So there is NO limit to how many people can participate in this one. As soon as I have people sign up for 100 cartridges the event is then closed to new people, but I can always put you on the top of the list for the following month 100 cartridge blog hop. These 100 cartridges must be 100 DIFFERENT cartridges. So no one can sign up for one that has already been signed up for (but if you want to use more than you signed up for, that is ok)

So if you would like to sign up for a blog hop, please email me if you would like to participate in one. VERY important, in the SUBJECT of the email please put the DATE of the hop you want.
Please send ONE email PER blog hop.
I might not see it if you comment on here to sign up, PLEASE email request. I have a system to sort these, so having the right subject for ANY email is always so important.
Also please include your:
Blog address
Theme of the Blog Hop you want to do.
Date of the hop

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send ONE email per blog hop date. I sort them into email folders and if I file you in one date, i will miss you on all of the others. Thank you for doing this!

September 3-4 100 Cartridge Blog Hop (FULL ALREADY)
September 17-18 Boys and Men Blog Hop
October 1-2 100 Cartridge Blog Hop
October 15-16 Fall Favorites Blog hop
November 5-6 100  Cartridge Blog Hop
November 19-20 Recipe/baking blog hop
December 3-4 100  Cartridge Blog Hop
December 10-11 Princess Bella’s Birthday Blog Hop DESIGN TEAM ONLY
December 31-Jan 1 100 Cartridge Blog Hop
January 14-15 Winter/Snow Blog Hop
Also if you have recently been granted access by Provo-Craft to get into the Cricut CraftRoom, I have put together a little help guide, I will be emailing this out, if you would like it please email
and put the subject as
 CCR Guide

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Theme Day Thursday August 25, 2011 Imaginisce Happy Camper Paper

Welcome to this week's Theme Day Thursday. We ALL used the same papers to make such different projects.... I was in a feisty mood, so is my project.... You need a good sense of humor to see how 'feisty' it is at CAMP FEISTY :)

Here is Tink, hiding in her tent.... Hmm a mixed message here?!?!?
Like I said have a sense of humor today.....

Here is the page with her Banners that say Camp Feisty, I used Country Life 2" banners then camping critters for the tent at 6.5"
The words came from Give a Hoot cut at 3"

Here are the first stages of tink. I use the back image to put everything on. It has little score lines to help you line things up. Once you have your machine set to the size you want, put black paper on your mat and LOAD PAPER, then touch no other buttons except the actual image that you want to make.
Then press cut.... it will make you the perfect base to make any layered image with. This is very helpful.... not the Cricut KNOWS that you want all of the layers to be proportional... it automatically does this for you. Now if you want say her dress in a specific size, but NOT to fit proportionally, then you would turn real dial size on... An easy way to explaining this is... imagine Mickey mouse. When you set the dial size to 4" (or whatever number you pick) it knows what size you want your FINISHED project to be.... so it will make his shoes, shorts, face etc.... all proportional for a 4" finished mickey.... now if you wanted just mickeys shorts to be a finished size of 4" then turn REAL DIAL SIZE ON... this will then make the shorts or shoes or whatever to the finished size of 4".... I hope that makes sense... I know so many people who try to change the size of each item and have little success at getting it all to fit.... Hopefully this helps some of you.

Here is the Snow Marker I used for the fluff on Tink's shoes.

Before i removed my colored paper form the mat, I wanted to give it a variegated look, so I used 3 different colors of Brilliance and VersaMagic inks

I also wanted to do the same to the leaves, before I removed it form the mat.

You can see how I added some gold ink to the leaf part.... I wanted it to show through the little lines.

Here is it put together

I know there really is not much room for pictures, but I am going to do some
 more companion pages for this set.

Here is tink, before I add any layers... I like to use my gel pen to color in the little pieces that are to hard to place after they have been cut so small.

Here is a cut little 'funny" in response to Tink's little "Keep it Wild" quote

Camp Feisty, give a hoot at 2 1/2"

I used actually metal for the trash can, it is so cute in person!

Here is what they rest of the design team made to share today, all with the Happy Camper paper.

Ricki made this, so cute!
Don't forget to visit her blog for the How TO on this one...

Here is Holly's card... and her blog address....

Melissa made this card.....
Amanda used  Create a Critter to make this... and her blog address, 
I hope you enjoyed the different items we all made using the same papers :)
Have a great day, tomorrow I will announce  who won this week's random drawing from comments on here.... tomorrow, and every Friday until Christmas I will be giving away ONE cricut cartridge a week, the only way to win it is to comment on here, everyday that you comment it give you a greater chance at winning, only one comment per day counts.
Tomorrow is Festive Friday :)
Have a great day everyone!