Monday, October 31, 2011

My IMAGINE-ation Monday October 31, 2011

As October finally ends.... I may begin full on decorating for Christmas!!!!!

Later this week I will post how you can be on the the Guest Designers in December for my 25 projects a day in December.... Yes there will be over 25 projects a day here everyday in December and I need lots of help. I will post how you can help and show off some of your creations..... Details to follow. But get your mind thinking. I want beginners, and more advanced talent levels. There rules are no SVG images, no digistamps. You must use a cricut.... other than that.... it is pretty much open to your imagination....

Now on to what the design team made to share today!!!

Suzys Crafts used Baby Boutique.

Laura used the Imagine cart Enjoy the Seasons for this Halloween card!!
To see how she made this please visit

Lastly I am going to St. Jude's today to deliver all of the AMAZING cards that you all have made. Thank you all so much for what you have made.... I am honored to be the one delivering these today! I think I would like to continue Project Sunshine and Smiles and make it an every month project.... but we can send them to various hospitals....

Due to being in Memphis today, I will be posting the RGB codes for the new cartridges later in the week, possibly as late as next Monday.

I also added over 35 new Cricut Cartridges to the store.... more to come. I will be adding more daily.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Card Creating Sunday October 30, 2011

Welcome to Card Creating Sunday!!!

The design team has made some outstanding cards to share today.....

Madison used over 10 Cricut cartridges to create this retirement card for Regis. Her blog address is

Tracy used Simply Charmed and Lacy Labels cartridges. (She made this for me, thank you)

Tammy S made this card by using her Simply Charmed cartridge.
To find out how what else she used, please visit her blog at
Melissa used wSeet shop Cricut Cartridge to make this card.


As always great job ladies.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scrapbook Saturday October 29, 2011

Welcome to Scrapbook Saturday October 29. 2011

Hopefully you read my post yesterday to see how to play Trick or Treat around here this weekend.
So far there have been 4 $.01 cartridges in my webstore.... they just randomly pop up from regular price to  $.01 but at that price there is only ONE so the first person to get it gets it for $.01 plus the shipping. There is no way to know what or when it will go up. You just have to keep checking the store

On to the great scrapbook creations that the Design Team has made to share with you...

Shelly Lynn made her 12 x 12 Thankful Hearts Layout using Once Upon A Princess Cricut Cartridge.

Heather Sipes used Ashlyn's Alphabet, A Child's Year, Opposite's Attract, and George to create this two paged layout. See details on her blog at !

Friday, October 28, 2011

Festive Friday October 28, 2011

Oh Goodness last Friday of October, it is going to be November in a few days. I am surprised that in Ohio we have not had snow yet.... We ALWAYS get snow in October, and I love the snow because that means Christmas is coming soon!!! Speaking of which Christmas is only 58 days away! Yippie Yippie Yea!

There was so much going on last week that I forgot to announce last week's Countdown to Christmas weekly cartridge giveaway winner!

So I will announce last week's winner plus this week's winner.

But a few things first.

I have a ton of new items to add to the store... literally a TON of stuff!
       I will be adding a few things to the store over this weekend, just a few things. BUT you will want to check it out often this weekend. I will be listing a few items for FREE, you just have to find them. They will be priced at $0 you will have to pay the $5 for shipping though. It might not be on the opening screen it might not be in the right category... who knows where it will be. As soon as you find it checkout right away, otherwise if it is in your shopping cart, someone else can still buy it. One rule is you can only get ONE free item. I might do this again, you may only get one free in a twelve month period. So if you win this weekend you may not win a free item again until next October. So it will be a fun search for you over the weekend and if you see one and miss it keep looking over the weekend, there will be more.

      Also if you could help me and click on the add down the right hand side of this page I get a penny every time you click on it. If you all can help me to do that EVERY day when you come to my blog it helps me out and allows me to keep giving things away. You don't have to buy anything when you get to the link. Literally every penny counts. I would love to keep doing giveaways so if you can help me and click on the ads it would really help me out. They are trusted ads so you don't have to worry spam or anything when you get there. So if you can click on them every time you come to my blog I would REALLY appreciate it. Like I said ti doesn't cost you anything but it really helps me!

      I am not sure if you know yet or not but I am doing the Countdown to Christmas with 25 projects a day for 25 days in December. I am looking for some help. I will have a sign up next week. You do not have to have a blog to do this. This is your chance to show your creations to people. So I need 25 guest designers EVERYDAY in December. You may do several projects on several days.... there is no limit :) But you can also do one project for just one day. More details will follow next week. The only rules are you MUST use a Cricut, no SVG images and no Digi Stamps. This is also a good way to get noticed by me as I am having a Design Team call in January. I do not know how many people I will me adding to the Design Team it all depends on who wants to stay or move on. Again, more details to follow.

      I will be doing the following classes in November. All you have to do is watch on Ustream. You do not have to pay for these or anything like that. I will also be recording them so if you cannot make it to that time you can still watch it later, or over and over again. I do not have the schedule entirely done but here are some of the classes coming up:
Vinyl, glass etching, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas cards, Cricut cuttable stamps/magnet/create your own embossing folders, cakes, pie crusts, cookies, fondant/gum paste, fabric, stamping, cuttlebug embossing, embossing powders, metal, stamping techniques, Disney Characters, Word Books, Welding, Flowers..etc That is just in November!
I will also be doing several tutorials that are a series:
Cricut Expression
Cricut E2
Cricut Imagine
Cricut Gypsy
Cricut Cake
Cricut CraftRoom
and a few more as people request them.

I will also be posting the RGB codes for ALL of the Imagine cartridges. These are just the color codes that you can make your items with the Imagine to match other things on the cartridge.

On to the Design Team......

Samantha used Christmas Cards for her card today. Her blog is

Yvette used the Hello Kitty Font cartridge to create this banner.

Shelly Lynn used Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge. Her blog is

Suzys Crafts used Celebrate with a Flourish.

Ricki Sholler Tidd used Chic & Scary cart.


I was so busy last Friday that I forgot to announce last week's Cartridge winner....

Liz said... I love your post today, we all need to remember that each of us has our own beliefs and that is what makes our country great, that we can all believe different things but still be friends and actually learn from each other. The projects are beautiful and I always like to go to each of the ladies blogs and make a personal comment, I know that is one of the reasons we all make blogs, to get love from each other!    October 20, 2011 9:15 PM

This week's winner is
Lisa said... Great cards everyone! I feel so inspired! I think I'll head on down to the craft room now! Have a great day!   Monday, October 24, 2011


Want to know how you can win a cartridge? I give away one per week from the comment left on Friday to the next Thursday. I randomly pick ONE comment to win.For you to win, come to my blog EVERYDAY and leave a comment. Each post you comment on is one chance to win that week. If I have 4 posts in one day comment on each one for a chance. You get a point for each post you comment on, it doesn't matter if you comment 10 times on the same post, only ONE will count for that post.

Next.... Want to win a Cricut Cake Machine (The full size one)?
Starting next week, you can email a picture of something you have made with a cartridge on my site... or something made with the one of the papers I sell in my SHOP. When I add the items next week, you will see what I need emailed to me. If you are lucky enough your project will be picked and then shown on the website/store. BUT to win the Cricut Cake all you have to do is send a project. It will be picked at random from all of the projects submitted. you don't have to have the best project..... just have your email picked!
More details will follow next week with the rules and guidelines.

Lastly, I am adding some of the new cartridges to the store so you can pre-order them! I do not yet have a shipping date from Provo Craft Yet.

Again please don't forget to click on the ads on the top right hand side of my blog every chance you get. THANK YOU so much.

Next week I will put out the calendar for the month of November and some new tips and trick and other great Cricut resources (In my opinion ;)

I am so excited that I am going to St. Jude's on MONDAY!!! We get to take over 4,000 cards made from around the world for the kids at the Hospital. I am so excited to take these and deliver them to all of the kids!!!! I cannot believe how many cards you all sent and I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I would like to thank all of you for the cards you have sent me, candy card, and thank you notes. Please don't think I don't appreciate them because I truly do and have them all in my Craft Room. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support that you all have given me.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Theme Day Thursday October 27, 2011 Pirate & Princess

Today's theme is Pirate and Princess

Shelly Lynn made this, for the Pirate layouts, she used Life's A Party cartridge and for the Princess Banner, she used Nursery Rhymes cartridge. Her blog is

Laura used the cart Paper Doll Dress Up for this Halloween Princess card!!
To see how she made this please visit

Tina from Crafty and Green used Playtime Cartridge to Create this Card.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday October 26, 2011

Jen L Used Rock Princess Cricut Cartridge to make cuts out of Fondant using the Cricut Cake
Go to her Blog  to see how to use Fondant with the Cricut Cake

Lucinda used Mickey Mouse Font.
Tammy S. used the Cricut Cake cartridge to create this clean and simple card. To see how she made it please visit her blog at

Lisa Newton-Orensky used Life Is A Beach, Graphically Speaking, New Arrival, Cuttin' Up!, Indie Art, Everyday Paper Dolls, just to name a few!
Her blog address is  and she has alot more pictures on her blog.